#128 The Assimilation of Illegal Aliens

Apologists for the millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. frequently make the argument that these people will quickly become upstanding and contributing American citizens and should consequently be welcomed.

The larger issue of their illegality aside, along with that of the security risks involved and the additional costs to the communities in which they concentrate, there is the further problem that what the apologists claim is most likely simply false.

The same population making this claim, that the illegals will soon assimilate, mocked G.W. Bush for his democracy spreading rhetoric. They said that it was absurd to think that one could take a middle Eastern population accustomed for centuries to strong man rule and make it respect the rule of law. It takes cultural evolution to change the political and social inclinations of a population, they said.

They were quite right in that mockery and, at the time, I was also against the invasion of Iraq for that reason as well as for the reason that Saddam was a necessary constraint on Iran. Bush would have been well served by reading a bit about the history of WW I’s military campaign in the Middle East. The effort to turn the Arab tribes into a viable army against the Turks failed miserably. Why? For substantially the same reasons that democratizing Iraq has failed. But where the apologists are wrong is in not applying this insight to the migrating illegals.

There is ample evidence that these migrants will not be a net benefit to the U.S.A..

Since the Democrat Party declared war on poverty back in the 60s, how has that gone? Billions, if not trillions, spent on this miserable fantasy war and what do we have now? Ever larger ghettos, so large in fact as to consume entire cities. Consider Baltimore, consider Detroit, consider the barrios of Los Angeles. We cannot even make our indigenous sub-populations assimilate, what could possibly make us think that importing millions of ethnically similar groups would do better?

The apologists point to the successes of the Irish, the Italians, the Jews, the Poles, the Czechs and so on. They could also point to the successes of the Asians, which are plentiful, but can they point to the successes of the Hispanics? They can try, but on balance how has that gone for us? What should be clear, political considerations aside for the moment, is that some cultures assimilate to the Western mercantile society and others do not. Europe, both Western and Eastern, has done very well. South America, Africa, and the Middle East? Not well at all.

Is this just an example of an ideologically driven mistake? Oops, sorry, didn’t expect this? Not likely.

There’s a wise old saying: When people say “It’s not the money that’s motivating me,” it’s the money. I would suggest the same is true when they say “It’s not political advantage that’s motivating me.” It’s the political advantage.

The comedian Jay Leno got it exactly right. He quipped, “We can’t say ‘illegal alien’ anymore, that’s politically incorrect. The acceptable new term,” he said, “is ‘undocumented Democrat’.” Sad, but right on the money. It’s about importing new Democrat voters.

In a democracy, it’s all about the votes. If you haven’t got them, import them, breed them, buy them, or turn to the dead (somehow, they always vote Democrat).

Kennedy was first in importing them (the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act), Obama has doubled down on that. Johnson bred them with his welfare policies. Obama simply bought them, and all Democrats appeal to the dead.

These are eternal verities. Our newly empowered Canadian Liberal Party is experimenting with a universal monthly stipend to buy votes (even though this will significantly increase the national debt) and it is taking advantage of the Syrian crisis to import Syrian refugees (i.e. Liberal voters). In the words of Rahm Emmanuel, it was just too good a crisis to waste.

Open borders policy should be understood as a tool of the conglomerate of the Democrat Party and its billionaire cronies. The Party gets its lemming voters and cash from the billionaires; the billionaires get cheap labor and favorable treatment in their multinational business transactions. It has to be understood that neither the Democrat Party nor their billionaire cronies find their interests best served by the existence of national boundaries.  Just as in the case of the EU, this partnership of financial and political convenience sees a single undivided world as best serving its own interests. The fact that the citizens of individual countries violently prefer to have national unities is an inconvenience best ignored. This attitude didn’t work in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it hasn’t worked in the EU, and the ascendancy of Donald Trump in the U.S. suggests it’s not working there.

Oddly, the Democrat/Crony partnership shares a common objective with that much vilified old world notion: empire. Both have wanted a world under a single government and for similar reasons, only their rhetoric has been different. Go figger.

In the words of Tom Lehrer’s song “The Old Dope Peddler,” the Democrat Party and its friends does well by “doing good.” The problem is that while the Party members and their cronies do well, and the dependent class that supports them does well, the tax paying middle class citizens gets squeezed ever more tightly to support this gigantic boondoggle.

Open borders policy survives on other people’s money. As Margaret Thatcher said, sooner or later, you run out of it. 




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