The books I list on the two “Books” pages are not the only books I have ever read, nor are all of them of the same quality. For this reason, I give each of them a “satisfaction” rating somewhere between 5 and 10.  Why start at 5? Because while there are obviously books I would rate below 5, none of those would be included in either of these lists.

A History of the Modern World — Paul Johnson [History: 10]

The Mind of Germany — Hans Kohn [History: 9]

Hitler’s Willing Executioners — Daniel Goldhagen [History:9]

Alexander Hamilton — Ron Chernow [Biography:10]

George Washington — Ron Chernow [Biography:9]

Truman — David McCullough [Biography:8]

Lincoln  — David Herbert Donald [Biography:8]

Einstein — Walter Isaacson [Biography:7]

The Dark Valley — Piers Brendon [History:9]

Explaining Hitler — Ron Rosenbaum [Historiography:8]

The Open Society and Its Enemies — Karl Popper [History of Ideas:9]

Forgotten Fatherland — Ben McIntyre [Non-professional History:8]

Last Waltz in Vienna — George Clare [History:9]

Vienna and its Jews — George Berkley [History:9]


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